Energetic, Creative, persistent problem solver and innovator who thrives on challenges and gets the job done. Bright, responsible, with excellent interpersonal skills. Collaborative, motivator, organized and thorough planner. Accustomed to multiple projects and assignments. Fulfills priorities and meets deadlines. Provide value-added services apart from core responsibilities.

Areas of Expertise

Interactive Media from inception to completion, including creation of sophisticated highly complex experiences across a variety of media. User-centered design including, information architecture, and prototyping, visual and interaction design, intranets, educational experiences, broadband, while ensuring consistency of message. Interface design, creative concept and brand visualization strategy, brand architecture and standards. Projects routinely involve the incorporation of animation, information design, technical communication and e-learning.

Graphic Design, including Interactive Media, Branding and Print design (branding, brand development, corporate identities, advertising, editorial, collateral sales materials, including direct mail, print ad design conception and supervision, product package design and point-of-purchase displays).

Systematic/Strategic Design. Comprehensive plan for projects and simultaneous development of solution. Interacting with clients and team members, and anticipating the needs of client and delivering something more than what clients expect. Maintaining quality in every area.

Project Management from conception through completion including problem identification, identifying customer/client requirements, managing multiple products/services across one or more product lines; developing and managing plan/schedule while maintaining site of targeted objectives.


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