Design Thinking – Paper Prototypes

This is a nice video on quick paper prototyping for design thinking.

A great way to present the concept, idea for your stakeholders. It applies to almost all type of domains. Not only web or mobile but even content creation and presentation designs too.

2016 Year of Running High

So, the year 2016 has ended and I would like to say that the year was totally transformation in nature. It brought changes across multiple levels, like personal, professional and national. You can relate the incidents of transformation with the recent demonetization at the national level. Rest of them I leave it up to you to check at your fronts.

For me, along with professional growth, learning, and personnel changes, it had been year of running high. And when I say high, you will see later in the page that i meant literally high.

Trying to keep the article short and crisp, just want to keep a simple question, that once my son asked me when I took him along with me to run. Dad, why do you run?

And I will answer it here.

  • There cant be a simple “why I run” answer. It develops over a long duration. Yes, people compliment for your good fitness. But technically it has been proven that its good for vitality of your body, heart, blood supply. More you sweat better for your health. Runners have special love for sweat!!
  • It gives you mental strength. Attitude to FINISH with celebration. This is the attitude that running teaches you.
  • Inculcates discipline of “doing” the physical activity, daily!
  • And, deep inside, I believe, runners are Finishers! Once you start running, it takes one step at a time to reach the finish line. That’s what running teaches you the best, practically. Be patient and keep moving with one step at a time!

Events in 2016 – A Quick recap

Finished 1000K in 2016 by running everywhere 🙂 And running in 2017 is yet to takeoff. With an ambitious goal in mind. Here are some great running moments from official events and events we created:


10Year Completion Run – TGS Pune Marathon

In 2016 I completed 10 Years in Pune and in 3DPLM. On 20th March. And to make it special, TGS came up with Pune Marathon on 2oth March (LOL) I had to make it memorable and big. The perfect event and occasion for celebrating the 10Y with 21K. The FIRST HM


Diwali Run
with Vishal and Vivek at Pune University


Last Sunday Of Month (LSOM)
September 2016 at PCMC



Sprint At the finish line…


Pune Running Beyond Myself (Popularly known as PRBM)

This was the special Half Marathon run as this was almost a complete family run. And yielded the best out of me. Achieved my Personal Best in this marathon.

img_20161016_084644 img_20161016_082349

TCSFit4Life Run
At TCS with Sumeet

The proxy run.
The track was tough though.


yeahhh…look this is a typo!






Oxford Golf Course Run
At Oxford Golf Course with Vishal

The last event of 2016 which just tested the endurance. It was run in trail and western ghats. Torturous track. Great thing about it was that I completed it successfully. Had a close look at Milind Soman and Breeze Sharma too. As I always wondered what are they made up of. Finally had a good look.

With Nikhil Shah, the famous runner, pacer of SCMM and founder of Runbuddies.

With Nikhil Shah, the famous runner, pacer of SCMM and founder of Runbuddies.



Celebration time with a medal after the grill. With Vishal


Sharing the medal with my team Event Experience. For what they did was also no less than a marathon. Thank you team for being amazing throughout the year. Nitin, Arnab, Tejaswini, Kanchan, Jayesh, Bhagyashree, Kaustubh, Kiran, Mayur, Ranjit, Arun Kumar & Vivek


Last Day of Year Run
At Pune University with Vivek and Vishal

31st Decemebr, last day of the year run. 17.5K WOW!

After the Oxford grill, it was really tough and stretched a bit. At the end i was little scared as SCMM is almost staring. But at the end its always satisfying and celebration. Here’s wishing you all happy new year.


So, that’s it guys! Indeed 2016 was Year of Running High!

Looking forward for a great 2017!