E-learning & Digital Publishing

That education is of paramount importance to a nation and to humanity is surely beyond any doubt. In the pre-knowledge-based economy, the main purpose of education was to reduce illiteracy so that citizens could become contributing members of the society.However, in the present knowledge-based economy, education has taken on a new dimension because of the pervasive presence and influence of information technology. This remarkable rise in the use of computer technology, and the concomitant changes in all areas of society that have resulted, is coined the ‘eRevolution’. The speed of the development of information technology is such that knowledge becomes superseded quite rapidly, and education has to be continuing and lifelong if one wishes to continue to be a productive member of theworkforce. Education is thus inextricably linked with the level of economic development of a nation. On a personal level, education enables access to a diversity of ideas and cultures, hopefully facilitating personal growth and understanding across nations and cultures. It is therefore not surprising that many nations have made heavy investments in building up their educational system and infrastructure. This has included large investments in a range of educational technologies. However, notwithstanding the huge investment and high priority given, educational systems in almost every country these days are criticized as inadequate (both in terms of quantity and quality), and failing to match the expectation of almost all stakeholders. Calls for wholesale educational reform, at both root and branch level, are frequently heard.

Why has education not been able to meet society’s needs? This book will focus on only a tiny aspect of that huge question.

Download in PDF format.


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