Real Life Example

I am involved in Knowledge Management activity and have found that KM is something that doesn’t require processes and pressure to build a good corporate knowledgebase. Infact, I found that it is better if the management has least interference in KM activity is better for organization. Ultimately, we are dealing with people, in Information Technology, and they will give their knowledge just because the process says so or the management wants or culture of company demands…well then forget it.

I did some research and found out several tools to be used for KM but during this I discovered that tool is going to play a small role. It is the Tacit knowledge that has to be captured, which comes through Trust, Transparency and self motivation. I interacted with all the people who were suppose to provide the knowledge and most of them were willing to contribute but once I left the place, it was business as usual. I realized that the things are not very productive, although I got better response from bunch of guys, who made me felt that they are contributing just b’coz I was telling them to do so, thats the reason!!

I really don’t understand the solution to be brought up to get things moving….


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