What is a Blog

A blog, short for Web log, is often described as an online diary. The most recent entries (called posts) appear on the home page of the blog with links to archives of older posts. Archives are organized by date and can be categorized by topic. Often, each post will have a form for readers to add their own comments and to give opinions or reactions to the post content.  
The real genius in blogs shows itself in how theyare written. You can update your blog instantly from any Internet connection on any computer anywhere in the world—even from your summer home in the Bahamas as you sip an ice-cold island cocktail. Blogs are designed for people who don’t want to learn (or don’t have the time to learn) HTML or Web design. You use a special type of blogging software (called a blog platform) to create and update your blog. You type your post into a simple online form, click “Pub- lish,” and it’s instantly available online for the whole world to see. It’s super easy. If you can send an e-mail, you can publish a blog.
A blog is an easily, instantly, and frequently updated Web site, focused around a topic, industry, or personality.



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