How to launch a course in V6 Player


In this FAQ, you will see the pre-requisiites and the procedure for launching the course using indexV6.html.


  • Latest Companion Player war should be deployed and its settings should be done.
  • Machine(containing published courses) should have IIS set up done so that published courses can be accessed thru http:// link – for example -http://vidyaplp/publish/
  • You workspace must have the latest folder. To do this you must rename the folder and reopen the workspace in Studio.


In the published folder, edit the indexV6.html file and set the values for the following two parameters  in this file.

  1. var _v6_player_url = http://hsl32plp.plp.ds:8080/CompanionPlayer. This is the location where Companion Player is deployed
  2. var _courseware_url = http://vidyaplp/publish/PublishedRepository_R20/USMD20. This is the http path of the published course where indexV6.html is located.
  3. Launch the course using indexV6.html file.
  4. Click on appropriate course link to launch the course.

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