Knowing the definition of a blog is one thing, but the easiest way to get acquainted with the conventions of the blog format is to start read- ing them. The more blogs you read, the more you’ll get a feel for the depth and breadth of style and sub- ject matter they have to offer. Here are few resources…  
Blog Ecosystems  
The collective hive of blogs is called the blogosphere. Links to high-visibility subjects and breaking news bubble up in the blogosphere first, before they ever reach your evening television news program. Blog ecosystems are sites that monitor those millions of blogs every minute of every day, searching for the top key words being mentioned in blog posts or the most popular links, books, movies, and people. Visiting these sites is like being in a huge convention hall eavesdropping on millions of conversations at the same time. This is a fantastic way to do market re- search and to see what everybody is buzzing about. Following is a list of several blog ecosystems:
 Blogdex (

IceRocket (

BlogPulse (

Technorati (

Most blogs have a blogroll, which is a list of that blogger’s favorite blogs and Web sites. If you find a blog you like, try checking out other Web sites that particular blogger enjoys. You might find other valu- able, complementary sites and blogs to read.



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